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We are a community organisation providing mental health and wellbeing services to people in the wider Te Puke area.

Our dedicated team of Wellness Advocates will walk alongside you while you explore what wellbeing looks like for you and your whanau and help you find ways to achieve this.

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Our Promise

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Trusted, curious and qualified Wellness Advocates.

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Discovering your wellbeing equation.

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Connecting you with people in positive ways.

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Enabling and equipping you to make informed decisions.

Who Can Use Mind+?

Your GP or other healthcare provider will refer you to our services, or you can request a meeting with one of our Wellbeing Advocates yourself.

Find out how to begin your pathway to wellbeing.


Our Wellbeing+Toolbox

This is where you will find all our favourite tools when helping you along your Wellbeing Pathway.

Once you start this journey, you may like to explore many of the other tools and resources available too.

Find Out

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